About Us

Our Story


Hank's Haven was founded by Nicole and Julie.   Having been in the rescue industry and seeing the in’s and out’s, they decided that in order to truly make a difference in dogs’ lives and be proud of what they were doing, they needed to start their own.  These ladies have a deep passion for helping animals, and have devoted the rest of their lives to do so.

Hank's Haven was named after a Bull Terrier named Hank.  He was euthanized through no fault of his own, and for no apparent reason other than "no time, no space".  Nicole and Julie grew to know Hank, his story, and his need for love and the perfect home.  All of that was taken from him too soon.  Hank will now live on through all of the dogs that Hank's Haven will save, protect, and rehabilitate.  Hank's name will live on in all of the dogs that will get the chance he never got.

Our Mission


Our mission is to ensure that homeless pets, pets that can no longer be cared for, as well as dogs that have no more time, come into our care and have a new outlook on life.  We believe that EVERY dog has a chance at a long, healthy life full of love and snuggles.  

We believe in the 3 R's....RESCUE, REHABILITATE, RE-HOME.

Every dog that comes into our care will be treated with compassion and respect.  All of our rescue dogs are an extension of our family, and therefore are treated as such.  There will be endless amounts of love, affection, and snuggles.

Our Values


Our core values help ensure that all of our dogs continue to live long, healthy, vibrant lives.  They include:

  • ensuring every dog is properly assessed upon intake
  • ensuring all dogs are completely vetted upon intake
  • proper adoption screening, including home visits to ensure dogs will be able to stay with their forever families
  • all dogs are up to date on vaccines, flea/tick/heartworm prevention, and spayed/neutered prior to adoption
  • educating the community about responsible pet ownership
  • providing individuals with the tools they need to be responsible pet owners