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Adoption Process

Adopting a dog is a huge life decision.  We want to be sure that you are ready to invite your new family member into your family for the rest of their lives.  We want to ensure that your family is the last stop on their journey.  The 1st step in the adoption process is doing the research to find out what kind of dog would be best suited for your lifestyle.  If you find one at Hank's Haven that you feel would be a good fit, then we invite you to fill out an application form and send it back to us.  Once we go over it, we will contact you to set up a meet and greet with your potential family member.  Please remember that this is the hardest part of the process, and can take time.  But we do what is in the best interest of the dogs, and nothing is ever rushed.  So please be patient with us, we promise the dogs are worth it!!!




I’m a 3 year old Anatolian Shepherd mix. 

The first thing people comment on about me is my coloring and how pretty I am.
With that, I love and need a good brush to keep all of my hair looking fresh.

I am great with kids of all size. Ive been around a 4 and 9 year old and manage well. I loooove the attention from adults mostly and I’m very eager to please. I have become my foster moms shadow. When meeting strangers I can be somewhat apprehensive questioning their motive but with a nice slow intro, I do great. I just have to make sure your my friend and have good intentions. 

I can get upset with loud noises and will cower to the ground. I am quite jumpy and I’ve got the legs of a baby deer.

I do amazingly well in the car!  Sometimes I actually don’t want to get out and you have to reeeeally encourage me. Treats work well!
I am food motivated with most commands. I know “sit”, “down”, “stay”, “come”
I am house trained and I am great on leash and will walk directly beside you.
I get super jealous if my foster sister is anywhere near foster mom and i want to show that I am the dominant one and will push her out of the way to get my foster moms attention. I will also guard a room to make an attempt of not allowing My foster sister near my foster mom.  Kinda bossy.......but I am easily corrected and we get to both love on her.

I will let you know if there’s someone at your door with a bark - what a good watch dog I am and that’s the only time you will hear me be vocal (or if there’s a cat, ha!)

I have never been crated because I’m such a good girl! I am allowed on my foster moms bed to snuggle for a bit and then I will lie down beside the bed and sleep there where it’s cooler. 

Foster mom says, “She thrives off of affection and craves a soft touch. The photo shoot we had done really shows her personality. She’s a bit quirky and awkward, loving and just so sweet.”

If you want to be the lucky one to bring this girl into your home, then fill out an application

Her adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, spay and microchip






My name is Cash, I’m about 5 years old and  a Great Dane cross.
I LOVE everyone I meet, the more attention I get the happier I become. Even though I haven’t been around children in my foster home, they think I would be just fine, maybe not with really small children because of my size but I’m a gentle boy.
I do really well with other dogs and I’m currently living with a 20lb dog. I am pretty submissive so a very dominant dog will make me nervous but for the most part I like to do my own thing and keep myself entertained. I’m not a big fan of cats, so I’d prefer to go to a home without any.
I am completely house trained and I know the commands “sit”, “paw” and “come” although I can be a little stubborn and sometimes you’ll have to say it a few times. Thankfully I’m very food motivated so that makes it easier for everyone. Also, I don’t even need to be crated. I get free roam of the house all day when my foster parents are gone to work because I’m such a good boy. What I do need some work on though are my leash manners, I’m a strong, curious boy and I do not walk nicely.
Oh ya and I love car rides, I think they’re great! Especially if it means I get to meet more people.
Foster mom says I don’t have any food or toy resource guarding towards people but if my foster brother steps away from his food I’ll scarf it down quickly. I’ve been eating from a slow feeder dish because without it, I basically just inhale my meals. I love toys, they’re great. Stuffies may only last a couple of minutes, if they’re lucky!  
Foster moms kind words about me, “Cash is a gentle giant. He is a complete cuddle bug who loves to snuggle up on the couch and at night. When he is in trouble he throws his body into you and puts his head on your shoulder and just needs to hug it out. He is a clumsy goofball who has mounds and mounds of energy, he never stops and is curious of everything. He loves being outside, immediately wants back out the minute he is in. With Cash, it is never a dull moment and he always puts a smile on your face.”

If you want to bring this gentle giant home then fill out an application

His adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, neuter and microchip






I'm Sawyer and I’m ready for my forever home! I’m roughly 1.5 years old. Husky cross, possibly with some Basenji but my husky personality shines bright!
I love all people and most dogs but I do get excited when I see dogs and tend to bark a lot which sometimes throws other dogs off and then they don’t want to play with me unfortunately. I really like kids as well but it’s advised that I do not go to a home with small children because I’m full of beans and I am a bit mouthy while I’m play.
An important note! I have a very high prey drive so no cats or bunny’s please! Small dogs are fine, I currently life with a few of them at my foster home.
I’m a super smart young pup! I know: sit, paw, other paw, lie down, rollover, go to your room and give kisses.  During the day I am crated, I don’t like it but it needs to be done so I’m getting use to it. I’m very food motivated but I don’t show any signs of food aggression or resource guarding so that’s a plus!
Im such a happy and loving little guy. I would love to be with an active family who has the time and patience to show me how to be the best me. I promise I’m worth it.

If you have the active lifestyle that this sweet boy needs then fill out an application

His adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, neuter and microchip






Hi everyone, my name is Liberty, and I am planting new roots here in Canada. I am so happy to be out of the shelter.

I am an approximately 4 year old corgi mix. I love to be the centre of attention with my people, I will let them scratch me all day. I am not high energy, in fact, I don't care if I go for a walk or not. I am told that I need to, so I go along with it.

I am currently in a foster home with another older dog, and we get along. I have also been with a puppy and I played well with him as well.

I do have alpha tendencies and will attempt to bully smaller or younger dogs if I feel like I am competing for attention. My foster mom says that this is common for us dogs who have spent years in a shelter environment, and that these tendencies are greatly reduced with plenty of attention for me.

I do not live with young children just an older one, but I have been exposed to a 2 year old, and I just ignored him.

I know basic commands and I am great at catching treats in my mouth. I love to play ball, but I am not very interested in other toys.

I will go in a crate, but I prefer to be out, and am fully house trained and do not get into anything while you are away.  So there really is no reason to use a crate!!

Because of my past I do have some abandonment issues. I did not like to be out in the yard alone when I first came to my foster home, I was afraid I was going to be left there. I have been getting better with gaining trust in my people. I do not like to be left home alone, even with my other dog sibling, but I just whine a little bit and it takes longer to settle and thats it.

I am wary of new people. I will growl at just about everyone at first. I warm up to females very quickly, but it took me about a week to let the males in my house approach. I will growl if I don't expect you or am startled. My foster mom thinks I may have some vision loss, which is common with my colouring and baby blue's!!  So talking to me while approaching will alert me that you are there.

My foster mom says that I am a happy, well rounded girl who craves attention. I have been nicknamed Kim Kardashian as I will do anything to be in the periphery of my people at all times.

If you think that I would be a good addition to your family please fill out an application

Her adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, spay and microchip






Luna is a 1.5 year old Formosan Mountain Dog mix. Through no fault of her own, Luna has found her way back to us, and has been staying with a foster family while getting her bearings. She is a very loving dog who is totally devoted to her person.

She is currently living with a large foster brother, and her bff foster brother puppy, as well as two children (10 and 15). 

We want Luna’s next home to be her forever home, and are looking for a very specific home for her. She will do best with a female owner, without small children, and either no other dogs, or a very relaxed, non-dominant dog. She does not do well with highly active dominant dogs that are in her face. She is good with cats.

Luna has a fear of men. She will run and hide, and bark at them. With time she does gain some trust with men, but is never fully comfortable. She has made great strides with the teenage boy at her foster home, and will come up and give him kisses, but you can see that she is never fully relaxed when he is around. She is great with the ten year old boy, and good with the other dogs in the house. She is gentle with the puppy, but will tell him off when she has had enough of him!

Luna is fully house trained, and has not been in a crate since being in her foster home. She is non destructive and loves to play with all sorts of toys! She can get possessive of a favourite toy, but easily gives it up with a trade.

Luna is good on a leash, and loves to go for walks. A fenced in yard or an active person would be great for her, she loves to tear around the yard. She is one smart girl, she can sit, shake a paw, and lay down on command. She is working on stay, and stay down as she gets excited to go outside and can get jumpy when you say the word! She is very receptive to correction.

Luna also comes with lifetime training through BarkBusters.

If you think you can offer our sweet girl her forever home then fill out an application.

Her adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, spay and microchip






I’ve been hanging out in my foster home for a little while now and got to enjoy my first Canadian Christmas but now I’m ready for a family of my own!
My name is Simba and I am a 1 year old, 40lb husky cross from Taiwan.
I get along well with other dogs but I’m not a fan of cats.  Its not that I am mean to them, I just like to chase them.  It seems like a fun game!!
Right now I’m living in a home with two children ages 5 and 14 and I’m great with both of them. I basically love everyone I meet, I’m super friendly and just want affection.
I am house and crate trained.
Right now I know the commands sit and lay down but I don’t always hold the commands because well, there are places to go and things to be done! I’m also working on my leash manners, the husky in me likes to pull I guess.
I love car rides and stuffy toys and I love playing the game where you hide treats under cups and I have to figure out which cup it’s under! 

If you think I’d make a nice addition to your family please fill out the application for me

His adoption fee is $500 and includes up to date vaccinations, neuter and microchip