Surrender Your Pet


We Understand

We understand that sometimes circumstances prevent families from being able to care for their pets appropriately.  While we would love to work with you and offer you some solutions to keep your animal with you and his/her family, if that is not an option then we can take your animal in.  We promise to have the animal properly assessed so that we can ensure he/she gets the appropriate training if needed to become an adoptable animal.  We understand that this can be a devastating decision to have to make, and most owners do this as a last resort.  If you want to check in from time to time, we are more than willing to provide updates as to how your animal is doing.  Please understand however that if we don't feel it is in the best interest of the dog, we will not provide any additional information.

We do do charge a surrender fee.  The fee is determined after an initial assessment is done, and we determine what is needed to get your dog to a state that would make him/her adoptable.  This fee is considered a donation towards your dogs care and is used towards vet care and training.   

Please complete the surrender form and email it back.

Surrender Form